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Polyurethane FOAm

Flexible polyurethane foam

Flexible polyurethane foam is a versatile material which is used in many industries due its premium mechanical characteristics and foremost because of its cost. Our company offers a range of polyurethane polyether foam products. Here in Afrotex we use unique formulations, decades of chemicals expertise and the highest quality raw materials to produce a material that will stand out and last. Broad range of densities and variety of hardness, resilience, comfort characteristics and other offer the customers a range of foam choices for their applications. 

Conventional foam

Conventional polyether foams are the most popular and affordable foams for the furniture and upholstery industry. They are suitable for almost any type of comfort ,protection and padding application, however their main application field is  interior furniture, couch stuffing, outdoor furniture and many other applications. Our company produces polyether foams within a wide range of densities, from 20 Kg/m3 up to 45 Kg/m3 with a variety of hardness types and other mechanical characteristics for most applications needed.

High resilience foam

High resilience foam has special characteristics and superior comfort properties. The heterogeneity of the HR-foam structure, its different size cells have a unique characteristic to provide the maximum comfort and react differently to the applied weight load. Smaller cells react to the small weight load giving a soft comfort feel opposed to the bigger cells that react when a higher weight load is applied giving high resistance and strength to the weight applied. This results to an even body weight distribution, which makes it a perfect solution for high quality furniture and mattresses with anatomic features. High resilience foam is the optimum solution for luxurious and durable furniture and mattresses. The special technology of our HR foams have a unique optimized structure of open cell structure providing the greatest comfort feeling to the body.

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