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Unique designs
OPTIMUm for sleep

Our company is converting foam to sheets for the production of mattresses, both spring mattresses and foam mattresses. Afrotex through the years developed a new CNC cut engineering process to provide a unique solution for the mattress industry. We design and manufacture mattress foam cores for the mattress industry. The superior foam properties along with the unique and customised design from our technical experts provide our customers a valuable product solution for their business as the foam mattresses tend to be the most popular choice. Unique mattresses structures with multiple layers and different heights with premium properties such as high air circulation, different hardness, anatomic designs and countless possibilities in terms of design and customisation provide our customers an excellent choice for the bedding and mattress industry. Our understanding to customer needs alongside our experience made us experts in the foam mattresses manufacturing field so we can help you pick the perfect solution for your business.

Single Core mattresses

These kind of foam mattresses are made of a single foam component. They can have several surface zones for anatomic positioniong. The single core foam mattresses can be used by both sides. The special shapes and CNC cuts provide high air circulation and different comfort levels depending of the cut design of the mattress core.

Multi layer cores mattresses

Foam cores with multiple layers of different heights have high airflow due to the unique designs. These perform as air circulation airways, they also work perfectly to provide the anatomy for the body in combination with high support and comfort for a great restfull sleep. The multiple layer foam cores mattresses usually consist of different density foams with different hardnesses, resiliency so that they can contour to the body or be fast responsive and support the body without sagging into the mattress. You can design the perfect mattress with our extensive variety of different foam grades we offer. Attractive unique CNC cutting designs, from the softest foam grades to the hardest, or a combination of both, we are here to help you manufacture the greatest mattresses.

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