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Afrotex established in Xanthi in northern Greece in 1973 with main occupation the flexible polyurethane foam production. Through the years the company gained a significant amount of knowledge and experience in the field. This led to high demand and the company to expand in further locations. In 1991 a cutting department established in Thessaloniki for quicker and better customer satisfaction. In 2000 the company expanded in Athens and established a second foam cutting department. All those years the company built a dynamic image of itself and its name became synonymous with quality and reliability. Until now technology innovations in our products and numerous investments in new technology production processes eventually led us to become an established company in the field with competitive prices and the highest quality standards in the field. As a result, today Afrotex is one of the largest in its field in Greece. We provide solutions in a broad range of market sectors: Bedding, furniture, sound insulation, healthcare.
Our foam finds use in a wide variety of sectors in the market. Flexible polyurethane foam is a versatile material due to its optimum technical characteristics. It is the most popular choice for applications such as furniture upholstery, mattress manufacturing, sound insulation and more. Foam provides comfort, support and relaxation to the user.  We focus in the production and transformation of semi finished products in flexible polyurethane foam to provide our customers unique solutions. Explore our foams capabilities and where they can be used.
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Sound Insulation
The production starts with the receiving of the qualified raw materials in our storage tanks. Production of the polyurethane foam is completed through a modern technology engineered continuous slabstock foaming machine. The continuous line of freshly produced foam is then cut to large blocks and then stored and cured for 24 hours. Subsequently the foam blocks are moved to the cutting department for further procession. In the cutting department foam takes its final form. Our wide range of cutting and processing machines provide tailored made solutions for our customers. The latest stage is the packaging and distribution which is done through our own vehicles.
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